Biomedical Data Science Graduate Certificate Program

Biomedical Data Science Graduate Certificate Program

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Program Application Deadlines

The flexible one-year curriculum consists of 15 credits of core classes (12 credits can be transferred into selected Master’s Programs)

We accept students in the fall semester only.

Domestic Student Deadline

July 1

International Student Deadline

January 2


Biomedical Data Science has become an integral part of biomedical research. As a result, biomedical scientists with data science knowledge are advantaged on multiple fronts. This one-year BioMedical Data Science (BMDS) Certificate Program is designed to provide students with the basic data science skillset in the context of biomedical research data. At the completion of this certificate the students will be able to:

  1. Communicate constructively with Data scientists
  2. Can analyze their own dataset
  3. Can explore the large datasets available in the public domain, therefore missing an important opportunity to mine big data resources.

Therefore, training researcher the basics of data science is crucial to advance scientific discovery.


Course Number Course Title Credits Semester
BIOS 6601 (Core substitute) Applied Biostatistics 1 3 Fall
BSBT 6112 (Core)
Must be taken with BSBT 6113
Intro to Biocomputing 2 Fall
BSBT 6113 (Core) Data Science with R 1 Fall
BIOS 6642 Intro to Python 2 Spring
BIOL 6764 Biological Data Analysis 3 Spring
MOLB 7910 Practical Computational Biology for Biologist: R 2 Spring
MOLB 7900 Practical Computational Biology for Biologist: Python 2 Spring
BIOS 6310 (Core)
Practical Clinical Informatics 3 Spring
BIOE 5420 Data Science and Analytics of Continuous Clinical Data 3 Spring
BSBT 6939
Internship 3 or more Summer

Note: students usually acquire up to 12 credits of course works, plus up to 3 credits of internship, for the accumulation of at least 15 credit hours to complete the certificate program.