2022/23 BSBT-GEN Curriculum

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Please note:

  • The courses listed in “blue” are electives for BSBT-GEN students and required or elective courses for the Biomedical Data Science Graduate Certificate Program.
    Students who are interested in earning this Certificate will have to first talk to the BSBT and Graduate Certificate Program Directors and also fill in the Intent to Complete Graduate Certificate Form.
    Note, students do not have to start the Master’s and the Certificate Program at the same time, but the Certificate will have to be completed by the latest at the time when the Master’s is earned.
  • Courses are not guaranteed to always be offered, or offered in the indicated semester. Faculty availability might require changes. Students are encouraged to check the course availability before planning their semester schedule.
  • The courses BMSC 7810 “Core Topics in Biomedical Sciences” will be recognized for graduation for all BSBT-GEN students, but some courses allow only a limited number of students to enroll and might give preference to PhD students. Please check with course directors.
  • Please check with course directors for courses that have restricted enrollment, i.e. might request the prior fulfillment of some pre-requirements
  • It is the student’s responsibility to verify before enrollment in any elective courses that they fulfill the pre-requirements that are posted or inquire with the course director which pre-requirements apply.
  • If a student would like to enroll in an elective that is currently not included in the list, students should discuss this choice with the Program Director first to make sure that this alternative elective can be counted towards the degree!

BSBT GEN Co-Curricular Requirements

  • For BSBT-GEN students, as part of their graduation requirements, it is mandatory that students,
    1. attend all BSBT program meetings,
    2. meet with the Program Director at least once per semester in person, (and any other time on the student's request)
    3. participate in at least one career development workshop per semester and document the attendance in a form that is available from the Program Administrator.
    4. Students will also have to document that they conducted at least one informational interview with a person who holds a job that might also be a possible career path for the student.