Internship/Research Experience

The mandatory internship requires students to apply their science and professional training in a hands-on, real-world setting. In consultation with the Program Director, students choose an internship that suits their future career aspirations. For example, students who are interested in a career in research can pursue an internship in an academic lab or a company. Students can also carry out an internship in a biotech business setting, regulatory affairs or technology transfer. Employers inside and outside academia often view the internship as an extended interview, and after graduation, quite a number of our graduates remain at their internship site for employment. Some students have also used our program successfully as a stepping stone towards medical or DO school or a PhD program.

As a form of hands-on, experiential learning, the internship requires a time commitment of at least 150 onsite hours for one semester (3 credits). For each additional credit, up to 6 credits maximum, interns will have to work 40 additional hours at the internship location, i.e. for a maximum of 6 credits, interns would spend 270 hours in their internship. This time does not include the time needed for reading up on the projects and composing the internship report and the internship presentation.

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