Announcing FOBGAPT2

Future Of Bioscience Graduate And Postdoctoral Training Conference, Part 2

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Implementation – What to Change and How to Change It?
Much has been said and written in the last 20 years about revising the models for graduate and postdoctoral education in the biosciences. Last year, a meeting of 250 graduate educators and other interested parties convened in Ann Arbor to provide input on these and other models, and generate additional ideas. Next year, the University of Colorado and the University of Michigan will co-host a follow-up meeting to discuss implementation of new models, inviting participation of up to 500 stakeholders from academia, the private sector, federal agencies, and private foundations.


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Organizing Committee

Brenda J. Allen, U. of Colorado

Patricia Cameron, Augusta U.

Roger Chalkley, Vanderbilt U.

David Engelke, U. of Colorado

Kearney Gunsalus, NPA, Tufts U.

Peter Hitchcock, U. of Michigan

Judith Kimble, U. of Wisconsin

Ambika Mathur, Wayne State U.

Christopher Pickett, Princeton U.

Nancy Schwartz, U. of Chicago

Shirley Tilghman, Princeton U.

Elizabeth Watkins, UCSF

Inge Wefes, U. of Colorado

Registration is now open. Please contact David Engelke with questions.
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