Future Of Bioscience Graduate And Postdoctoral Training Conference, Part 2

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Plenary panel discussion

Plenary session

Workshop 1: How to better increase the diversity of scientists in senior and leadership roles?

Jabbar Bennett, Christine Chow, Ambika Mathur, Nancy Schwartz, Nancy Street
Coming soon.

Workshop 2: How to increase engagement and skills of faculty in mentorship?

Rick McGee, Christine Pfund, Jonathan Wiest

Workshop 3: How to modernize (and keep updating) curricula and training while maintaining research and scholarship tenets?

Patricia Cameron, Robert Duvoisin, Mary O’Riordan
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Workshop 4: How to increase the engagement of the private sector and other potential employers in training paradigms and opportunities?

Philip Clifford, Andrew Feig, Diane Klotz
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Workshop 5: What data on Master’s, PhDs, and postdocs can be collected nationally, and how can it be used to inform trainees and training?

Kevin Finneran, Chris Pickett, Elizabeth Watkins
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