2018 Spring Workshop: Speaking and Presenting

Christopher Hill, PhD
Christopher Hill, Ph.D.
President, Co-founder
Hillside Communication

Content knowledge is the first essential requirement for a successful presenter, but subject expertise alone is not enough to communicate confidence and credibility to an audience. This requires an understanding of the impact of non-verbal behaviors and the mastery of a set of foundational physical behaviors.

In the “Speaking and Presenting” workshop, the workshop Instructors will observe and practice critical skills that ensure the messenger is as prepared as the messages. Instructor-guided coaching and practice exercises will help each participant experience significant improvements in his or her presentation skills.

Wednesday, March 7 RC2 Room 7105 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Wednesday, March 14 RC2 Room 7105
Wednesday, March 21 RC2 Room 7105
Wednesday, March 28 RC2 Room 7105
Wednesday, April 4 RC2 Room 11110
Wednesday, April 11 RC2 Room 7105

Participants in at least five of six sessions will receive a Certificate of Participation.

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